EPOS for Retail

Market Leading EPOS for the Retail Industry

Our Retail Director Software is a comprehensive and powerful retail EPOS package, with 20 years of development behind it. Incorporating an intuitive design, it offers the key functionality required to deliver improved stock turnover and an increase to sales & profits

Stock Control

Product enquiry

The Product enquiry enables the user to check all available system information on one screen, pricing, stock last price change, stock levels (own & other branches), Purchasing history, Sales history and full stock movement audit.  

Label Printing

Label Printing. The label printing module can produce both product and shelf edge labels, while the label designer allows the user to customise the label layout to include the information required (including allergens or sell by dates). Labels can be printed on demand, or automatically based on deliveries or orders.  

Promotion Manager

The Promotion Manager offers a variety of promotion types, from straight Price Offers, to Multi-Buy offers, Quantity Discounts and Total Discount. All promotions can be customised to automatically apply on date and time ranges and manually activated/deactivated.  

Stock Takes

Stock Takes can be processed manually (logging counted levels onto the system with reports available detailing stock variances and stock values) or using one of our mobile data capture scanners.

Data Capture

The Data Capture units can also be used for quickly and easily processing stock adjustments, deliveries and the generation of Purchase Orders.

Manual Purchase Orders

Manual Purchase Orders can be created, using all the available system information to make efficient ordering decisions (historical stock movements, planned promotions, outstanding orders, stock below recommended level and weekly cover  

Recommended Purchase Orders

Recommended Purchase Orders can also be produced, with the system suggesting order quantities based on current, maximum and re-order levels. Alternatively recommended orders can be produced based on sales (i.e. replenish all items sold this week from supplier X).  

Deliveries and Returns

Deliveries and Returns are also quickly processed, with a minimum number of button presses. If required product and shelf edge labels can be automatically generated and part deliveries/back orders can be managed on an individual supplier basis (depending on whether a supplier supports back orders or not). Where product prices fluctuate, the system offers the facility to reconcile cost prices after a delivery has been processed (where the invoice may arrive at a later date than the stock).


Loyalty System

MiniPOS has its own built in Loyalty System which is easy to set up, and simple to manage. Offer your customers a base level of reward (spend X & get Y loyalty points worth Z), then use the Loyalty Multipliers to offer greater (or less) rewards on specific products, or for different customers or customer categories.  

Customer Accounts

Customer Accounts can be offered, with individual credit limits, vat types and invoice designs linked to each customer or customer group.  

Discount Band

Our Discount Band facility allows bespoke pricing structures to be created and linked to individual customers (applying set prices or discounts automatically to purchases made).  

Sales Order

The Sales Order module allows tele-sales/mail order sales to be processed at the back office. Orders placed online are also imported here, with picking lists, delivery notes, invoices and address labels automatically generated.

Sales Reports

Sales by department, sales by sub department, brand, category, product, price point, sales including stock level, receipt details, payment types, returns, best sellers, worst sellers, vat, comparative (same period previous year), sales across months, sales per hour, average spend and average item value.  

Stock Reports

Include item stock value, department stock value, item sell through, stock variance, shrinkage, last price change, low margin, stock movements audit and suggested ordering.  

Customer Reports

Customer sales, sales across months, highest/lowest spending, spend by category, invoice, statements, outstanding deposits, loyalty points,

Strategic Reports

Reports can easily be previewed, printed, emailed or exported to a range of other applications. They can also be automatically generated and emailed based on a schedule (every Monday morning email the previous weeks product sales) or on event (every time a stock adjustment is processed email a copy to a manager).


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