Give your guests and yourself the convenience of jamezz QR ordering


Don’t get left behind and join the new revolution in the global hospitality industry. With Jamezz QR ordering you get the most out of your company and you are always ready for the future. Give your guests and yourself the convenience of Jamezz QR ordering!


QR ordering gives more peace of mind to your team and is an indispensable solution to your occupancy problem. Waiting times for your guests disappear, and you relieve yourself at peak moments.

QR ordering generates up to 30% more revenue and has endless low-cost marketing options.


The guest scans the QR code on the table, chooses and pays for the order via the integrated ordering platform, after which it arrives directly at your cash register and digital kitchen screens. Reliableeasyand completely self-manageable. Read more about how it works!

This way you will never again have an unpleasant feeling in front of waiting guests!

Corporate Identity

Everything can be adjusted to suit your style. Edit images, layouts, gifs, texts and colors to make it fit your business!  

Can be linked to your cash register

An order is sent directly to the checkout and distributed over the various kitchen screens. Just as you are used to. Orders can be settled immediately or later. Just where the preference is.  

No App Needed

Guests only need the camera or a link to get to the menu, so no hassle with downloading.  

Manageable form every device

You manage Jamezz from your cash register, computer, tablet, or even your smartphone while on the road. Because Jamezz is fully cloud-based, you can always access your own environment.

Smart upsell and cross sell functions

Does anyone not have a drink with their order? How about a carafe of table water? Special beer? Perhaps a portion of nuts or bitterballen will go well with this .

Adaptable to any language

Jamezz immediately recognizes which language the telephone is in and adapts to it immediately. This can also be changed manually by the guest. Also the products and options? Yes, they also translate neatly.

Tipping functions

In our development we also pay a lot of attention to personnel. Jamezz works perfectly together in addition to the ministry and helps those hard workers in an extra reward. On average up to 40% more!